Win an interactive cooking experience at Ginger & Lime Food Studio


WHETHER you’re a kitchen novice, want to expand your culinary repertoire, or feel most comfortable in the role of enthusiastic sideline supporter wielding a glass of wine, an evening spent at Ginger & Lime Food Studio will give you what you’re looking for.

The courses take place at the gorgeous Peppermint Palace in Fresnaye, where Denise Cowburn-Levy and her team of Almo Geldenhuys and Paula Sobreira Mainstone will take you on a global food journey without ever leaving the house.

Denise (right) shares fun times with her kitchen guests

This is Denise’s own home, where family and friends gather in the kitchen to share their stories, catch up with each other’s lives, glass of wine in hand while cooking together. Essentially, this is the concept of Ginger & Lime: relax, make new friends, chop, peel, stir, or sit back and watch the action – your level of participation is up to you.

Denise, Almo and Paula are such lovely people and I adore spending time with them here. Or anywhere, for that matter.

“Something very special happens when people of all ages from very different backgrounds get together and share in the preparation and eating of food,” says Denise on her website. “There is a deep connection the happens. This experience feeds not only the body, but also the soul.

“People become present, grounded and focused as they get stuck in to cook together as it is hard not to be, when using a sharp knife or tasting a sauce to see exactly what it needs to make it perfect.”

Almo and Denise

You’ll learn dishes and techniques (like the fabulous poke bowl I made, pictured above), plus you’ll get to eat it all as well – several delicious courses of it – and get the recipes to try at home. I bet you’ll be amazed at what you can create. There is wine (I may have mentioned that) and a wonderful convivial atmosphere throughout the evening. Denise often invites celebrity chefs and cooks to join the group, giving you the opportunity to bask in their expertise.

Upcoming courses include Indian cuisine with Cyril Naicker, French cuisine, Middle Eastern/Moroccan fusion, Spanish tapas, Asian fusion, Italian/Mediterranean, easy entertaining, and festive food.

For more information, call Denise Cowburn-Levy on 083 251 6282, email [email protected], or click here.

Win an Interactive Cooking Experience for two people at a Ginger & Lime Food Studio course of your choice (excluding guest chefs). Select from Asian-Fusion, Thai, Moroccan, French, Italian-Mediterranean or whatever your favourite cuisine is.

Eat Play Drink Cape Town subscribers this October stand a chance to win two places to one of these experiences valued at R1390, valid for three months. All you need to do to be in the draw is subscribe to this site; the winner will be picked in a random draw at the end of the month. All subscribers are eligible, and will also receive an email whenever I post a new story.



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