Tempelhoff goes downtown and sky-high with the launch of FYN


A RESTAURANT that’s been “simmering on the backburner” for 22 years is about to change the way gourmands perceive dining out in Cape Town’s CBD. Simply titled FYN, Afrikaans for fine in what he refers to as the “better half of the word ‘fynbos’,” it’s the realisation of a dream for esteemed Chef de Patron Peter Tempelhoff.

If his name and reputation doesn’t sell you on the experience, the location certainly will – the new restaurant has splendid views of Lion’s Head and Table Mountain, and a distinctive lower Manhattan feel which Tempelhoff absolutely loves.

He’s got two of the best operators in the business as his partners. Executive chef Ashley Moss, who has been Tempelhoff’s head chef at Greenhouse for the past four years will be in charge of the kitchen. Jennifer Hugé, who has been the restaurant manager at La Colombe for 14 years will be FYN’s general manager.

Can you see them? Peter Tempelhoff, Ashley Moss & Jennifer Hugé

It’s too soon to reveal any secrets regarding menu and wine selection, but the cuisine draws inspiration from South Africa’s culture, lore and society as well as Tempelhoff’s many journeys around the world.

Register your interest now at www.fynrestaurant.com to secure preferential booking ahead of the launch in November. Valet parking is available for all diners – lunch and dinner.

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