All aboard Roodeberg’s culinary journey through Europe


INTERNATIONAL travel may be out of bounds for now, but that should not stop us from experiencing the aromas and tastes of Europe this holiday season. Roodeberg, the cherished South African wine with a story in every bottle, has a novel plan to take you on a culinary journey to some of Europe’s most exciting cities one delicious recipe at a time.

First stop is Germany, where traditional dumplings with mushrooms sautéed in Roodeberg’s Classic Red Blend (pictured above) is on the menu in Berlin, the vibrant city that never sleeps.

Next up is Munich, the capital of traditional German food and oompah music, with a succulent steak and Sauerkraut salad. It is the perfect dish to enjoy with Roodeberg 1949, the commemorative wine in honour of the Roodeberg tradition spanning more than 70 years.

You will find some interesting twists to time honoured dishes in the cosmopolitan city of Frankfurt, Germany’s financial hub and cultural melting pot. Venison meatballs in a rich Italian tomato sugo served with Spaetzle is a tasty culinary mashup deserving of a glass or two of Roodeberg Reserve (below).

A tour of Europe would not be complete without a visit to Brussels, the official seat of the European Union, for a hearty Flemish beef stew before setting off to Denmark for a taste of Scandinavia. In Copenhagen we sink our teeth into flaeskesteg, traditional Danish rolled pork roast, served with sweet potato fritters. This flavourful meaty dish is a fine match for Dr Charles Niehaus, the signature wine named after the father of Roodeberg.

For the crème de la crème of pastries, we travel to Odense, the birthplace of the great storyteller, Hans Christian Andersen, and home of the best Danishes in the world. A beautifully braided strawberry cream cheese Danish beckons, so come prepared with the rose petal pink Roodeberg Rosé for a sumptuous pairing.

The last stop on the Roodeberg itinerary takes you to the Netherlands, where iconic windmills and winding canals set the tone for sipping Roodeberg Rosé and tucking into prawn croquettes. It’s the ultimate Dutch experience.

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