EXCEPTIONAL brands strive to constantly evolve, and so the time has come for Striped Horse beer to launch its bespoke new “giraffe bottle”.

But first, let’s tell the story of how the zebra and the giraffe became friends.

There used to be many zebras and giraffes roaming the African plains, but like every other plant-eating animals, they made easy targets for carnivorous beasts like lions and hyenas. The zebras were at a loss about how to protect themselves from these predators. It was suggested to the zebras that they have a chat to the giraffes who were encountering a similar problem.

It turned out that they could help each other after all. You see, zebras have got especially powerful night vision, and giraffes can see a very long distance with their incredibly long necks.

So it was decided that the zebras and giraffes would hang out together. The giraffes would keep guard during the day when they could see predators coming from a long way, and when the giraffes started to run away, the zebras would heed the danger and run too. In turn, the zebras would guard the herds at night time, when they could better see the enemy approaching.

The zebra and the giraffe have remained close friends to this day.

It is with this in mind that Striped Horse beer, premium brewed for five weeks according to German Purity Law, with Paarl Spring water and no compromise on craft, has sought out the ultimate bottle to pay homage to the nectar inside.

Grant Rushmere, co-founder of Striped Horse says: “In an increasingly competitive craft beer landscape we wanted to create something distinctive and unique – a design that sets us apart from the competition and highlights the crafted quality of our beer. We’ve nicknamed it the ‘giraffe’ bottle in keeping with our African roots. The zebras and giraffes do hang out on the plains together anyway!

“The giraffe bottle successfully delivers a premium and bespoke product. We also wanted a label that pays homage to the great beer brands that were our inspiration, and therefore we see it as classic beer branding, evocative of beer yet also capturing a contemporary African look and feel, with the iconic zebra as our motif. Our beers are ‘Born in Africa’ and our labels capture that.”

Co-founder Charles Bertram continues: “Our beers offer a link into the true pioneering spirit of Africa – the perfect marriage of the old age European skill of brewing combined with the mystic creativity that our continent offers means that you can enjoy the captivating taste of this bottle while fishing on the Zambezi, relaxing on the beach in Lamu, and at a black tie dinner in Cape Town.”

Says Wolfgang Koedel, Master Brewer at CBC Brewery: “Having a Striped Horse from the new bottle sends me straight back to my birthplace, or moederland, Bavaria.”

The new Striped Horse bottle has still got the familiar zebra stripes with the same premium crafted beer inside, but it now has a long giraffe neck, maximising the enjoyment of that well-deserved beer.

The new Striped Horse #GiraffeBottle is now available in stores nationwide in lager, pilsner and pale ale and will also soon be available online from
The recommended retail prices per bottle are R25.99 for the lager; R26.99 for the pilsner; and R27.99 for the pale ale.
Follow the African adventures of The Horse on Instagram and Twitter @stripedhorseza

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