Wildeberg wins Winemag’s 2022 coveted ‘winery of the year’ award


HAVING reviewed 590 wines in its various Prescient reports over the course of 2022, Wine Magazine has found Wildeberg in Franschhoek to be the most successful.

Despite serious competition, the estate’s Wildeberg White (Semillon) 2021 was rated best in its category, with a rating of 94. Another five of its wines made the Top 10: the Wildeberg Red 2021 (96 points); Coterie by Wildeberg Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc 2020 (94 points); Coterie by Wildeberg Grenache/Syrah 2021 (94 points); Coterie by Wildeberg Chenin Blanc/Grenache Blanc 2021 (91 points); and the humble Tea Leaf 2021 (91 points). 

“We are delighted by this fantastic recognition for our winemaking team,” said JD Rossouw, winemaker at Wildeberg, “as well as for all the amazing vineyard partners who make it happen each year. Without their hard work and attention to detail, we would be just another bottle at the table.”

JD was appointed winemaker in 2017, harvesting just 50 tons of fruit in that first vintage. While 10ha of Chardonnay, Semillon, Petite Sirah and Syrah were planted the following year, it will be a while yet before the vineyards are old enough to give him and his team the purity and character that is the hallmark of Wildeberg wine. For this reason and with a newly minted 350-tonne cellar now operational, JD has a mandate to identify great sites across the Western Cape in order to keep the space busy, one he seems to be relishing. 

The winery, manor house and farm cottage at Wildeberg are all set up against the towering majesty that is the Franschhoek mountain, affectionately called “that wild mountain” by those who know her well. Wine tastings with a view can be booked in advance and somebody from the small team would love to show you around personally. All six award winning wines are currently available from the farm and at select retailers around the country. 

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