What wine pairs best with romance?


CHOOSING a wine to pair with your romantic occasion is important. Are you wanting to portray the confidence and depth of a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon or the spicy playfulness of a Shiraz? The gorgeous pink of rosé has a close association with love, which is wonderful when trying to woo your date over a daytime picnic. If it’s non-committal you’re after, then maybe a light glass of bubbly? The options are endless.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Sharing a glass of red can help to create the tone for a romantic evening. Cabernet Sauvignon, or Cab Sav, tops the list of robust red wines, carrying some of the lushest, richest sips that linger in the mouth. Choosing this wine says that you’re prepared for a deep and meaningful evening, and you’re setting the tone for the perfect Valentine’s Day.
  • Brut Rosé: Rosé is the quintessence of Valentine’s Day and would complement your get-together with your gal pals. This deliciously dry yet refreshing rosé sparkling wine which is made from carefully selected white and red grape varieties, tantalise the taste buds with the lingering flavours bursting with ripe strawberries. It pairs ideally with gooey chocolate lava cakes, delightful truffles, or a divine airy mousse.
  • Shiraz: Feeling a little spicy? Playful even? Then this is your wine. Pick a Shiraz for your date night and enjoy a full-bodied wine laced with freshly crushed black pepper aromas with hints of cinnamon and cloves on the nose and well-integrated vanilla tones. Wow your dinner date with a homemade beef stew to match and see how the evening progresses.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: Nothing says, “daytime date” and “let’s get to know each other” better than Sauvignon Blanc. A crisp midday selection that begs for a perfect picnic on the lawns. Impress your date with a cheese platter that complements the bursting passion fruit, guava and freshness on the palate that is found in Sauvignon Blanc.
  • The Blend: To complement your classic romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, The Blend by Robertson Winery is for the forever love. The delicious blackberry fruit of Cabernet Sauvignon dancing hand in hand with the spice of Shiraz, is a testament to the harmony of two people who have become inseparable. Likewise, there is harmony in how it pairs with a red meat entrée as well as with vegetarian meals such as portobello mushrooms and certain cheeses.

Mpho Maroga from Robertson Winery says that while smooth reds are the go-to for Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of whites, bubblies, and rosés that are just as appropriate. “Take your time to pick the correct wine that both you and your date will enjoy and will best suit the occasion and message that you’re wanting to portray.

“Whether the wine you choose pairs well with the meal or not, your date will be more impressed that you took the time to carefully select it for the occasion.”

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