Get your CBD products from Goodleaf in the Cape Town, well, CBD


ACCORDING to the lawyer at the event last night – and we do still need legal advice on what we can and can’t do with our cannabis, as well as where – there is currently a 12-month grace period (which began in May, 2019) during which we can buy CBD products without a prescription.

The benefits and uses of the cannabis plant are well documented, and at Goodleaf you can pick up all the oils and drops and vapes you could possibly need. Everyone kept telling me the products don’t contain any THC like that is a good thing. They may be right; it’s all well and good to have less pain and to sleep better, but imagine how little we’d get done if we were all perpetually stoned, watching bad TV and ordering pizzas with pineapple. Godleaf’s products are premium and come with a price tag to match.

The party was super-crowded so I didn’t get a proper look at the space, but you can see it on Goodleaf’s website where it appears to be light and restful. For the record, if I understand it correctly, I can’t puff my lavender CBD vape out in public, but in a private space – whether it’s my own home or somewhere similar where I don’t necessarily have to be permanently living – it’s allowed. But better talk to your lawyer first.

For more information, click here.

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