Five stars for Monday Night Magic’s season five


MONDAY NIGHT MAGIC, hosted by Cape Town Magic Club, launched its fifth season this week with a spectacular bonanza showcase in its new venue: the five-star Taj Cape Town.

The historic building was once a bank, and the intimate theatre is located in the underground vault…where there is no escape. Except for Glenn McMeeking aka Glendini, one of the new performers this season, who had the audience in open-mouthed amazement with his agility in getting out of restraints, ropes, cuffs, and a straight jacket.

Joining Glenn in making their Monday Night Magic debuts – and receiving their gold membership pins from producer Marcel Oudejans (who founded Cape Town Magic Club and is the man behind these fabulous weekly shows) – were Asiphe Mnqika and Black Orchid Burlesque SA artiste, Bon Bon.

Marcel Oudejans, performer, producer, founder and host

During the almost two-hour show, these performers, along with Marcel, Greg Gelb, Anele Dyasi, and Larry Soffer, had everyone shaking their heads in disbelief as well as laughing with the sheer delight of witnessing a range of magic, illusion, escape, sleight of hand, and mentalism. For the invited guests, this was a taste of what’s to come over the next few weeks.

Monday Night Magic has two shows every week until October 30 (with the option to extend), at 7pm and 9pm. There is a recommended age restriction of no under-13s, because this is not children’s magic; it’s a grown-up show with grown-up content, which at the same time proves we’re never too old (or grown up) to enjoy the thrill of magic in all its shapes and forms. The 9pm show tends to play it a little faster and a little looser, and on some nights, Bon Bon will be doing her magical burlesque act along with something inspired by the 1920s…which fits in with the theme of the theatre and Monday Night Magic.

Bon Bon captures the spirit of the 1920s with her jazzy act

Flapper girls (and guys) in fringes and feathered headdresses welcome guests at the entrance, and the art deco-styled bar is open for pre- and post-show drinks, when you can mingle with the performers and take photographs.

According to numerology, the number 5 is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers. So here’s to season five at a five-star venue, for a show that consistently receives five-star reviews.

For more information, performers, the lineup, bookings, newsletters and everything else you could possibly wish to know, click here.

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