Uber Eats unites with Kimberly-Clark to support women and children shelters


THE global COVID-19 pandemic has seen a surge of requests from those in need, including shelters and places of safety. Those able to obtain their essentials are grateful, but one needs to ask what happens to those who do not have the means to purchase these essentials, such as women and children who stay in shelters?

In response to this elevated need, Uber Eats and Kimberly-Clark launched an initiative to support vulnerable women and children to ensure they have the essential products they need during the Covid-19 pandemic. During May and June, for every Kotex® or Huggies® product Eaters purchase via Medicare Pharmacy in the Uber Eats app, Kimberly-Clark will match and donate to a women or children’s shelter in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Cape Town.

“We understand that the impact of the current health crisis means more people struggle to access much needed supplies. It’s important for us to help care for those most in need right now, especially women and children” said John Clark, marketing director at Kimberly-Clark South Africa.

With a new feature in the Uber Eats app, customers can also easily send essential items such as Kotex® or Huggies® products to friends or family and share the status of a delivery with a simple tracking link.

Describing the partnership, Ailyssa Pretorius, general manager of Uber Eats South Africa says: “In these dire times, many in South Africa are in need, and those who are able to lend a helping hand are encouraged to do so.  We are proud to be uniting with Kimberly-Clark to provide a way for our customers to be charitable, and helping those in need to obtain essential items when they need it most.”

How Buy One, Give One works: 

  1. Tap on a Medicare Pharmacy in the Uber Eats app between 9am – 5pm
  2. Add any Kotex® or Huggies® products to your order.
  3. We have made it easy for you to request no-contact delivery, meaning your delivery person will leave your order at the door. Simply select the delivery option “Leave at the door” at checkout
  4. Your order will be delivered to your door and matching Kotex® or Huggies® products will be donated to a women or children’s shelter in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Cape Town.
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