Lunching at the top of Zeitz MOCAA


FIRST of all, have you been to Zeitz MOCAA yet? It’s pretty darn amazing – and this comes from someone who has a complicated relationship with art.

My advice is to plan a whole day there, and break your journey around the galleries with lunch at FOOD on the top floor. Trust me, you’re going to want to have a little sit-down at some point. It will also give your brain a chance to rest from all the stimulation.

The restaurant has spectacular views of the harbour, V&A Waterfront and Table Mountain to soothe the eyes, as seen through those striking windows. It’s from here too you are able to access the rooftop sculpture garden where you can put your trust in the architects and engineers who created the glass floors (or ceilings, if you’re inside the museum).

The menu at FOOD is divided into “café” and “bistro”. The former lists all-day treats like scones with jam and cream, croissants, and a cheese board. In the spirit of life being short and eating dessert first, the last item is the Signature Ice Cream. It’s black. In a black cone. We had to have them. Obviously.

As I stuck it in my mouth it occurred to me I hadn’t even stopped to think what it might taste like; I was surprised and not disappointed. Try it for yourself. Spoiler alert: it’s not liquorice. You might also want to check yourself in the mirror afterwards before smiling at anyone.

The small bistro menu is light and simple…sandwiches, salads, and bialy (a bread roll) with smoked salmon and crème fraîche, or fava beans, mint and ricotta. My friend ordered the Harbour Plate, which is described as a “stylish take on traditional fish and chips, served with prawns.” I was glad she picked off the crispy batter because I could steal it off her plate.

I had delicious and messy lamb kofta wraps – a row of mini ones on a board – with coriander yoghurt, salsa and rocket, with a side of fries.

At the time of our visit, FOOD did not have a liquor licence and my phone call to fact check this earlier this afternoon went unanswered. Sodas, juice, bottled water (750ml), tea and coffee are available.

For more information, click here, email [email protected] or call  021 001 1022.

FOOD is open Wednesdays to Mondays 10am till 5.30pm.
Level 6, Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA)
Silo District, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.



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