First Choice launches marbled cheddar in South Africa


FIRST CHOICE, manufactured by Woodlands Dairy, has launched its own own marbled cheddar, a variation of white and yellow cheddar, which is growing in popularity worldwide.

Says Marisa Maccaferri, marketing executive for Woodlands Dairy and First Choice: “We’re continually expanding our cheese offering and aim to always offer something special and unique to the discerning consumer. Our marbled cheddar looks enticing, creates curiosity, and adds glamour to any cheese platter.”

Originally made in England, marbled cheddar is a variant of two cheddars, white and yellow, blended. Maccaferri explains: “Similar to traditional cheddar, it has a rich, moreish taste and smooth, buttery texture. Made with two different types of cheddar that are aged together, the difference in colour leads to the beautiful marbled look. Although it’s not as widely distributed yet as we’d like, consumers certainly like it. It’s seen as unique and enjoyed in different ways to regular cheddar and Gouda.”

Maccaferri concludes: “Most of us love cheese. It’s delicious, and easily paired with other foods and beverages. It is and always will be a versatile crowd-pleaser.”

Made from milk sourced from South African dairy farmers, all First Choice cheeses are full fat and vacuum-sealed to deliver the guaranteed freshness and high quality that First choice is known for. First Choice offers five mouth-watering variations that would appease anyone’s cheese cravings including Gouda, Cheddar, Mature Cheddar, Edam, and now in moreish Marbled Cheddar.

First Choice® Cheese is available in both bulk and various portion packs for your convenience at selected outlets.

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