Welcome spring with refreshing Loxtonia Blush Apple Cider


SPRING is all about pretty pinks as gardens and orchards come into bloom and so too our preference for lighter, crisper rosé-style refreshment. Loxtonia Blush Apple Cider is the flawless, all natural cider with an alluring rosy hue to welcome the new season.

The true essence of 100% freshly pressed and naturally fermented juicy pink apples, nurtured from orchard to bottle in the Ceres Valley, this irresistible cider is sure to seduce your tastebuds. Delicate floral notes surprise with vibrant bursts of apple, ending with a refreshing dry finish that will leave you yearning for another sip.

With just 242 kilojoules per bottle and an alcohol content of 4.5%, Loxtonia Blush Apple Cider is the perfect companion for outdoor enjoyment at picnics, pool parties and chilling with friends. Gluten-free, vegan-friendly and free of preservatives and artificial additives, this delicious fashion-forward cider is most definitely on trend.

Available at around R99.60 for a 4-pack of 340ml recyclable glass bottles, it’s sure to put a spring in your step that will take you well into summer. For online purchases, click here, email [email protected] or call 023 004 0930. To stay in the mix, follow @loxtonia_cider on Instagram and Twitter.

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