Raise a glass with Samuel Gelston’s Blended Irish Whiskey 


AS 2022 draws to a close, you might find yourself reflecting on events of the past year in the company of good friends or family. Whether around a braai, or at a local soccer match, your drink of choice should be a Samuel Gelston’s Blended Irish Whiskey. 

Founded by Samuel Gelston, a prosperous wine and whiskey merchant from Belfast, in 1830, the Irish malted barley and grain blend is triple distilled for smoothness and matured in the finest ex-bourbon oak casks to produce a flavour-rich, expressive whiskey that’s smooth and easy to drink with a natural sweetness.

Samuel Gelston’s name is synonymous with quality and innovation. Since the 12th century it’s been thought that Irish whiskey was one of the earliest distilled drinks in Europe. It is believed that Irish monks brought the technique of distilling perfumes back to Ireland from their travels to southern Europe around 1000 AD. The Irish then modified this technique to obtain a drinkable spirit. One thing that the Irish and Scots still disagree on, is who invented whiskey (spelled without the E if referring to Scotch). But nevertheless, Irish whiskey is still delicious and is the perfect accompaniment for any occasion. 

The nose has hints of fruit, candied sweets and dry spice which carries into the palate of smooth honey, grain, and nuts while the finish is long and elegant. Introduced to the South African market in 2021, it’s one of the latest Irish whiskey offerings for connoisseurs to enjoy. It won silver at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2021 and at the 2022 London Spirits Competition.

It’s a drink that can be savoured neat, on the rocks, with your preferred mix, or in a classic cocktail.

Old Fashioned

  • 60ml Samuel Gelston’s Blended Irish Whiskey 
  • 2 tsp simple syrup or 1 tsp granulated sugar
  • 1-2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • Ice
  • Slice of orange peel
  • Maraschino cherry

Add the whiskey, simple syrup/sugar, and bitters to a whiskey tumbler and stir (if using granulated sugar, ensure the sugar dissolves completely). Add ice, stir twice and garnish with a slice of orange peel and single maraschino cherry.

Samuel Gelston’s Blended Irish Whiskey is available at most leading liquor retailers and online at Takealot and Liquor Drop, and distributed by Halewood South Africa. For more information, click here.

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