Perdeberg launches its popular soft, smooth range in a new can format


PERDEBERG Wines has boldly defied convention to launch a 250ml can of its popular easy-drinking and fruit-driven Soft Smooth Range (SSR) red in time for the cooler months. Perfect for both aspiring wine enthusiasts and long-time devotees of the grape, the zebra-print can grabs attention, inviting wine drinkers to ‘Join the Soft Smooth Revolution’ towards more fun, versatility and sustainability.

Dressed in unmistakably modern and stylish stripes, the Perdeberg Soft Smooth Range wine style bridges the gap between semi-sweet and dry, resulting in an accessible, unpretentious wine that’s ready to enjoy right now, by any age and by anyone.

Especially convenient for adventurous South Africans who love socialising, travelling and being active outdoors, the lightweight can format means the wine can be easily carried for hikes or picnics outside, with no bottle opener or additional glassware necessary. “We want to offer wine drinkers the opportunity to enjoy their favourite wine blend any way they prefer – accommodating hassle-free wine enjoyment without the fuss surrounding glass bottles. It brings an exciting element and new era of wine enjoyment to consumers,” says Chantelle Boucher, group marketing manager of Perdeberg Group.

From a sustainability standpoint, packaging wine in a can also has numerous benefits. Firstly, an aluminum can has a smaller carbon footprint than a glass bottle, using around 68% recycled content and not requiring paper or water for labelling. The serving size of 250ml is ideal for those who are following the trend towards more responsible drinking, and eliminates waste that can result from unfinished bottles. Additionally, the Perdeberg SSR Red contains no animal by products and is therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians – as are all red wines in the Perdeberg portfolio.


Loyal fans of the Perdeberg Soft Smooth Range in 750ml bottles (which will still be on sale) can rest assured: the aluminium cans do not allow oxygen permeability and their approved food- and beverage-contact internal coating protects the wine and its flavour. Chantelle says: “Wine drinkers can have peace of mind that the wine in the can will taste just as good as it does in the bottle.”

Forward-thinking wine drinkers will enjoy this blend of delicious reds with soft tannins and fragrantly fresh notes of ripe, dark fruit. A touch of oak adds complexity and substance to a wine that bursts with fruity flavours and complements all social occasions. Open a can to pair with a delicious pizza, a mild curry or hearty winter stew.

The Perdeberg Soft Smooth Range in a can will be available in red, white and rosé. They will be stocked in OK Foods and Spar stores at a recommended price of R15.95 for one and R94.95 for six.

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