The just-launched Gin Box delivers local craft gin to your door


THIS job has some great perks, among them getting to try new products and services as they arrive on the market. When they are delivered to my door, even better.

Last week, South Africa’s first craft gin club was launched. The Gin Box (also literally) brings us gin lovers a beautifully packaged locally produced gin – along with complementary goodies – to our homes every month.

Says founder of the club, Jean Buckham: “I have been gin obsessed for a number of years now. And a very keen follower of the SA gin craze since 2014 when local Cape Town distillers started popping up all over the place. Following an episode of UK Dragon’s Den at the beginning of this year, which showed all five ‘Dragons’ clawing over each other for a share of a UK craft gin club, I decided to launch The Gin Box.

“Traditionally SA is not a gin producing nation – in fact up until Inverroche launched their wonderful South African fynbos gins – SA did not have a local gin. Things have changed – we now have close to 80 local brands. Gin is trending at the moment in SA but many people are scared of trying a new gin – and would rather play it safe and stick to what they know. The Gin Box will show gin enthusiasts what to buy, how to drink it and how to do it with finesse and style.”

Not only for those enthusiasts, it’s a great way for newcomers to the spirit to be gently guided into the wonderful world of gin.

The first gorgeous Gin Box contains a bottle of Musgrave 11 (the number of botanicals it contains), Fitch & Leedes tonic water, tasting notes and recipes, and a selection of sweet treats which pick up on some of the gin’s key flavour notes, like ginger and vanilla. For subsequent boxes, Jean prefers not to mention any brand names as a big part of The Gin Box is that the gin of the month and the accompanying tonic and foodie items are a secret until that month. “People love the element of surprise and we will never disappoint,” she says. And the gin will always be a full-sized bottle.

The Musgrave 11 Gin Box

“Every gin contains juniper – but also other interesting botanicals which make up the distinct taste of each gin. Each month we will take you on a taste journey, usually highlighting the predominant botanicals that make up that gin,” explains Jean. “We include tonic water that brings out the best of the gin and we hand-select gourmet food items which complement the gin. In addition we include comprehensive distiller’s notes and usually recipes and garnish ideas which work well with the gin.”

There are various options for a Gin Box subscription which you can find on the website here.”You can change your membership frequency at any time and as often as you like,” says Jean. “Simply email us and let us know what frequency you would like to change to. For example, you may wish to upgrade from a bi-monthly to a monthly membership, or downgrade from a monthly to a quarterly membership. Either way, the process is simple and straight forward and can be completed by email.”


The Gin Box is also available as a gift for that special gin aficionado in your life. Like me. Just saying.

Connect on Twitter: @TheGinBoxsa, Instagram: @theginboxsa or Facebook: The Gin Box SA




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