Alvi’s Drift Cap Classique campaign – Celebrate A Life Well Lived


IN celebration of Cap Classique month – and trailblazing women around the globe – Alvi’s Drift has partnered with inspirational South African orchestra conductor Ofentse Pitse to celebrate her life well lived (and by doing so, inspire others like her to do the same).

As its brand story states, at Alvi’s Drift they don’t strive to break even: “We strive to break rules. We follow our gut, not the crowd, and know our heart, not our place. We celebrate taste as a matter of choice, not chance. That’s why you’ll never find us doing what’s expected. We’re too busy doing what we love.”

Ofentse perfectly represents what Alvi’s Drift stands for: Dare To Be True in all that you do. Moreover, she represents what Alvi’s Drift Cap Classique range stands for: Celebrating A Life Well Lived. As someone who has worked hard to achieve great heights as a female conductor in South Africa – breaking barriers and winning awards – while still staying true to herself and remaining down to earth, Ofentse encapsulates the spirit Alvi’s Drift is aiming to convey through this campaign.

Growing in the ancient limestone soils so characteristic of the Breede River Valley region, Alvi’s Drift’s mature Chardonnay vineyard is perfectly positioned for yielding grapes of the quality, character and complexity required for an outstanding Cap Classique sparkling wine.

The Pinot Noir component of its Cap Classique wines grows on north-facing slopes in rare black slate soil, lending a unique and complex expression to these wines.

  • Alvi’s Drift Brut Cap Classique

Once delivered to the cellar, cool Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are whole-bunch-pressed to ensure a soft, elegant base wine before dry fermentation. For its secondary fermentation, this Cap Classique wine is bottled, then aged on lees for between 24 and 48 months before disgorgement.

Youthful in character with a refreshing bouquet of citrus, creamy lemon and a hint of almond, this refined Cap Classique wine boasts a lively, finely textured mousse. The wine’s crisp acidity bursts onto the palate with a delectably creamy texture, delivering a good, mid-palate depth and deliciously lingering aftertaste.

An excellent companion to grilled fish or chicken, this dry sparkling wine is best served as a welcoming drink alongside canapés, filled with smoked salmon or raspberry-baked Brie.

Recommended retail price per bottle from R190, R1140 per case of six.

  • Alvi’s Drift Brut Nature Cap Classique

Spending additional time on lees, this wine develops an elegant complexity too beautiful to mask with sugar. As a Brut Nature, this wine boasts zero dosage (i.e., no sweet component is added prior to bottling). This results in a wine with less than two grams of sugar per litre, making it the perfect and most natural expression of the noble Cap Classique.

In the cellar, crisp Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, hand-picked in the cool early-morning hours, are whole-bunch-pressed to ensure a soft, elegant base wine. Then, the wine is created according to the age-old tradition, with secondary fermentation taking place in the bottle, after which it is aged on lees for between 24 and 48 months. Throughout this meticulous ageing process, the wine gradually develops its distinctive brioche, walnut, and nougat characters.

This bone-dry Cap Classique boasts a charming, gold-leaf hue with lively bubbles forming a fine crown of mousse. The wine has an intense, complex nose with aromas of baked brioche and lemon cream, and hints of walnut and nougat. Lively on the palate, the mousse is chalky dry with notes of nut and stone fruit following through to a full mid-palate, lingering for a refreshing, creamy-lemon finish.

Enjoy this wine with fresh oysters and grilled prawns, or serve with a pear, goats’ cheese and walnut salad or mushroom quiche.

Price per bottle from R300, R1800 per case of six.


Located among mountains in the cooler southern reaches of the fertile Breede River Valley, the family-owned winery tells the story of three generations’ dedication, perseverance and passion for their craft.

Yet, they are more than just winemakers. At Alvi’s Drift, they’re also serious about protecting their natural heritage. As a WIETA member, they’s proud to share that they bring forth internationally acclaimed wines that are not only delectable but also responsibly produced.

Watch this video to learn more about sustainability and upliftment at Alvi’s Drift.

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